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4/10/17 / Monday / day from hell

Bkog status : in-progress   I couldnt sleep last night was waking up every 2 or 3 hours.  I was planning on doing spin at 6am in manahawkin.  I overslept was rushing to get there on time. I got in car heard my myzone fall under my seat.  I got to the gym co‎uldnt find it very frustrating.  At this poin5 the day went to hell.  Just not feeling motivated because of frustration never went into the gym. I never went to spin and just drove home.  I have a lot of stress on my mind.  Completly cleaned out my...

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4/8/17 / Saturday / survival kit

Blog status : completeq Woke up little bit late this am.  The plan was to get to the gym early because I do have to leave early from spin because of work.  I was hoping to be in the spin room by 730 to get started early. Breakfast 6 small eggs   Spin - warrior princess I saw Ann ss we entered the gym, my abs hurt and told her "my fucking abs hurt" as i laughed and caused myself some discomfort.  She said sorry and I  said dont be. Once I was upstairs told her I have to leave...

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4/7/17 / Friday/ boosting my confidence /my abs r on strike

Blog complete Woke up at 4am, wasnt planning on spinning with Lisa "mom" but i think it would be good for me. This particular song was playing on youtube when I woke up.  In this song it's not actually the chorus line that has meaning to me but it's the actual words of the song. [audio mp3=""][/audio] I gotta take a little time A little time to think things over I better read between the lines In case I need it when I'm older Now this mountain I must climb Feels like a world upon my shoulders I through the...

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4/6/17 / Thursday/ stress not one of my better days/

Woke up nice a refreshed looking forward to mashup i seem to push very hard during that class. Breakfast 6 small scrambled eggs Agenda today Mashup - warrior princess Pilates- warrior princess Shower Training session - warrior princess Chiropractor - Dr. J Lunch Urban Kick - Angel eyes   Mashup - warrior princess  Very intense, I enjoy this workout gets me started on thursday mornings.  I am not always awake but after about 5 min into it I am fired and ready to go.   Myzone One thing I am finding out is getting me into the red is harder...

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4/5/17 / Wednesday /

Had some trouble sleeping, had the whole abs thing on my mind.  Woke up nice and early for my morning spin in MH with " Spin Lisa" Breakfast will be after spin Spin - "spin lisa" I called into spin around 5am for Manahawkin then called down to galloway for Pedal Fusion at 930am and 530pm.  Lots of phone calls before 6am. Got everything setup on my bike and "spin lisa" said hope you dont mind that I stare down at your myzone.  I said go ahead, I told her about the first time ibwas discrete with the tablet in...

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4/4/17 / tuesday / some stuff on mind / final clothes gone

Blog status : complete Had a good morning woke up to call in for spin. Breakfast Eggs and oats   Spin - Ann Spin was a great class burned a lot of calories was asked about the myzone from a couple people in spin.  Looks like some people might be getting them.  Nicole from Manahawkin decided to get one. Lunch Chicken rice salsa   Pt- Session Dana Today we worked on upper body felt great.  Actually on my work to tonight had someone that I haven't seen in monthe said wow you lost all that weight and look at those...

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4/3/17 / monday/ what happens when u get caught practicing urban kick at work

Blog status complete Had a good night rest after my spin session with myself. Going to eat after spin class at 6am.  Had 1 serving of organic peanut butter to put something in my stomach. Plan for the day  MH - Spin w/ spin Lisa Work at track Spin w/ Ann   Spin w/spin lisa Well plans slightly changed spin lisa is sick so we have Lisa "mom" as instructor this morning.  Had a great ride good music got told I shouldnt be in red for too long so I backed down the effort level to yellow on myzone. After...

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4/2/17 / Sunday/ Jet Car at work/ food struggle at work /screwed up

Blog Status : Complete Well surprisingly I was actually able to sleep last night even after my long nap which was more like a night of sleep lol. The plan was to wakeup at 545 and get to the gym before work, to at least run or do some type of cardio.  Well that backfired looks like I will be going to the gym after work tonight.   Plan for the day  Working at Atco Dragway Gym Meal Prep   Working at Atco Dragway For those not familiar besides going to the gym one of my favorite jobs is working at...

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4/1/17 Saturday/ Quotes on my mind / march report of myzone

Blog status : Complete   Woke up super early like 5am couldn't sleep felt very refreshed after my Magic Megan afternoon.   March Report for Myzone calorie and effort Myzone march report  (keep in mind i only have the device under 5 days)   Quotes on my mind When I took the Urban Kick instructor course there was some quotes that Shane Bernanrd  the owner and found of Urban Kick talked about that hit me. "Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." ~Arthur Ashe   “Never judge a participant for the effort they put forth. Our...

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